Pastor's Logos: Break Through the Walls with God’s Good News

I am tired of the divisiveness. I am tired of the negativity. I am tired of the drama, and I’m tired of being tired. The news, all that is happening in this world, is wearing me out. I could hide from it, but what good would that be? I would just be uninformed about many things that really do matter. They say ignorance is bliss. So you don’t know about the truck that is going to hit you? No worries, no panic and maybe no life.

My call, my job is to proclaim the Good News. I wonder, can anyone hear it when the “Breaking News” is what the world seems to be so good at telling? How do the words about God’s love in Jesus Christ, God’s forgiveness and God’s compassion break through the wall of other news that can be so very depressing?

It is very hard not to get discouraged. How do we communicate when so many of us are on overload of information?

Jesus once complained that the people he was speaking to must have been blinded and made deaf, because they sure weren’t hearing his message or seeing his miracles. I guess I am in good company when even Jesus doesn’t feel his message is getting through.

Maybe I should take direction from Dr. Seuss and his book: “Green Eggs and Ham.”  The hero tries everything he can to convince a sceptic that he should try green eggs and ham. Maybe, just maybe, he will like it. It sounds like we should try every way possible to get the Good News out there. But even then there are no guarantees in the real world of today that anyone will hear it. So we can try new technologies and social media. We try every form of communications know to us. Ultimately, it will be the power of God’s Good News that will break through the walls that obstruct the message.

I know this sounds odd, but the message has the power of salvation for all those who hear and believe it. God’s Good News is sometimes seemingly too good to be true. Maybe it seems too easy or too inclusive (you mean anyone can hear it, believe it and be saved by it?) Yes, this is most certainly true and that in itself is Good News.

When I get down about all the other news out there, I should listen to the Good News for myself. God still loves me even when I don’t feel very successful in getting across Jesus message. “For God did so love the world that he gave us God’s only Son, that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life. God did not send God’s Son into the world to condemn us, but to save us!”