Pastor's Logos: We should know OUR history

Americans have real issues with history. For the most part, they are quite ill informed, compared to many countries around the world.

In Israel, you get a one year course on the history of the Jewish people. World history is a part of their military training. For many Americans, history was one of the most boring classes in high school. This is very sad to me, for a number of reasons.

We do not know our history.

We do not know our own history or our world history. This means we really don’t know who we are, how we got here and where we are going.

Ignorance of history is not bliss.

Our culture, politics and religion are shaped by history. What we believe, how we believe and how we live out that belief, is shaped by our history. Many of the challenges, conflicts and successes of today, have their foundation in what took place before. 

Our God operates in history.

God is not removed from it. Therefore, to understand God’s Word and God’s will for us, means we need to know the context, the history of what happened. Archaeology and History are not there to prove that God exists, but rather to reveal how God is working through people - to make know his love and will for all of us.

History is about people.

There is an assumption that history is just about wars and dates, with a few hard to pronounce names thrown in. History is about people: how they worked, played, organized, cooked, fought, built, dressed and worshiped. History is about how God works through ordinary people to do extraordinary things. History is exciting, powerful remarkable and surprising!

It is my hope and prayer that we become more versed in our own history, American history, world history and Bible history. History lives in us, our DNA, our memories and our situation in life.

Check out the Book of Ecclesiastes 3:1-8.