Pastor's Logos: Be Prepared

I watched the storm clouds approach on radar. The radar showed yellow, red, purple and another very dark color I could not name.

I saw the clouds coming and I reacted by saying: “Well, they are not here yet.”

When I got into the car to leave for Lincoln to take my granddaughter back home, the sky was getting quite dark.

 “Papa, you better hurry the storm is coming,” my granddaughter said.  

I told her we would go as fast and as safely as possible. I said we would be fine and would get her home before the storm hits. And we did just that.

But the trip returning to Omaha was beginning to look a lot less certain. I wasn’t sure I would make it back before the storm hit. I was a bit relieved when I made the turn unto 144th street. It had just begun to rain. By the time I made Center Ave., the rain and wind had picked up considerably. 

It was when I turned onto the street leading to my house that things got a little sporty!

When you see large trees whipping around like they were nothing, sheets of rain obscuring my view and the car being buffeted by wind in a place that it shouldn’t, I exclaimed with an off quoted prayer: “Oh my God, help me make it!!”

I reached my driveway and turned as the garage door opened way too slow. I made it! Just as the garage door shut, a gust of wind pushed the door inward as if it was almost going to buckle and collapse. Thankfully, it didn’t. I ran into the house and my wife Jane was overjoyed that I got home safely. Then we heard the crack, looked out into our backyard and our willow tree was split in half by the wind. It became more intense over the next 15 minutes. We observed the intense rain, the high winds and a sound that was not right - a low continuous roaring sound. The television said no tornado warnings, but I have lived all my life on the central plains and knew that sound.

Well, we were luckier than most and the folks who lost much more than we did. The reason I relate this story is the fact that we assume that we will be ok. We assume that we will make it home in time and our house won’t get hit. God is protecting us from all physical harm! These assumptions are not always the case. Reality can be harsh and warnings are important to heed.

God’s Word speaks about being prepared, to watch, pay attention and look for signs that can help us be prepared for what is to come. Sometimes we become complacent: oh it will be ok, it will work out, don’t worry, be happy. 

When I ride a bike I will nearly always wear a helmet. It has saved my life twice. When I get into the car we all buckle up, no one is exempt. When storm warnings and dark clouds appear, we should be prepared. These are all common sense things to do. 

God warns us against false gospels, prophets who make a profit by telling us they know God’s Will better than anyone else. Religious or political groups that say that God is only on their side, and those who don’t believe the way they do are condemned by God. Beware of those who use God’s name to further their own cultural, political or religious agenda. Pay attention to not only what is being said, as well as what is being done.

God will be with us in all things. He will not let the world or evil forces steal our souls from him. Those who God has claimed will always be God’s. But do not be unaware or complacent, remember the winds of change can come upon us very quickly.

Check out Romans 8: 31-39.