Pastor's Logos: Fear

Today, I am concerned. Maybe I am a bit anxious. No, I am afraid. Afraid of what? Afraid of fear? I am afraid that fear is becoming more important in our world, than hope, or love or faith.

Maybe it is just this election cycle and the midterms. Maybe it is the tribalism and negativity I see and hear every day. I suppose I watch the news too much or listen to people expressing themselves in ways that are so denigrating to others that it hurts my ears and my heart.

How, as a follower of Christ, am I to respond to a viewpoint that is based in fear, not in faith. I see this happening both in and outside the church. When it happens in the church it really scares me. By the way, I am not just saying this thing about fear because we are close to Halloween.

We have many great holidays coming up where the power of light and love is more powerful than darkness and fear:

• All Saints’ Day remembers those who have gone before us, who put their hope in God. Everything they hoped for, and more, has come true!

• Veteran’s Day is about men and women who believe in something greater than themselves- some of those giving their lives for others. All for the love of country and those they served with.

• Thanksgiving is the day we give thanks for the many blessings given to all of us, reminding us to share those blessing with those who do not.

• Finally, Christmas, the day our God, showed how much he loved the world, by giving us his Son. A light in the darkness, a hope that will not disappoint, the one who conquers fear and death.

I must remind myself of these other days, and many more, where the power of light and love is more powerful than darkness and fear. In fact, fear is now the only real weapon of the devil. Yes, you heard me. I believe it is evil. I believe there is a devil. I don’t believe in all the devil’s empty promises.

So, why am I afraid? I am human. God knows my fears and reminds me in many and various ways, every day that God is with me. Christ Spirit is inside of me and nothing can separate me from the love of God in Jesus. This is most certainly true! Amen!!