Help Us Make Mardi Gras 2019 a Success: Volunteer

Mardi Gras will arrive almost a month later than last year. That's great news! It gives us time to get going on preparation for the big event. Last year we were able to share over $35,000 to much-needed programs at St. Paul's from the proceeds of this event. Our children, youth, music and various other needs were fulfilled and were able to do things that otherwise would not have been achievable without this one big night. This is without a doubt our biggest one-night event of fun, food, and fellowship and it takes the help of many to pull it off. 

 Volunteers are crucial.

This year we are asking for more volunteers to step up and help with the preparation work that it takes to put on an event like this. The first year we set a goal to raise over $20,000 and to sell 200 dinner tickets. We came within a few tickets of that goal and raised over the $20,000. We started with a group of about ten people. We have grown that event over the last three years to close to 300 people for dinner and we want to reach that goal this year. The challenge we are facing is that last year we had fallen to about half the volunteers we had at year one. 

We are asking for your help!  

We are asking for either your help or to refer someone to us that can help with some of the planning, ticket sales, and preparation that needs to be done ahead of the event. That planning starts very soon so we need all the help we can get as soon as possible. We would again like to have early ticket sales to offer at a discounted price in the month of November. The proceeds from early sales allow St. Paul's to have capitol to pay for the upfront expenses and deposits that come way before the event happens. This year we would like to be able to have at the very least 12-14 people that can help and attend a planning meeting around once a month and then about 3 times in the last six weeks. Don't worry if you can't make every meeting we understand, but we need you and your fresh ideas there as much as possible. We have several different things we will need help with so there is sure to be a task for everyone involved.   

Please join us! 

New volunteers bring in some really fun ideas to help us kick it up a notch each year and we want to make our 2019 celebration the best yet. Please join us in this very worthwhile and fun event. For those that can help, please let us know as soon as possible so we can add you to the Mardi Gras group email. 

Email Dan Abendroth if you are interested in helping >