Pastor's Logos: Slow down and live life fully

I am getting to that age when more of those I know and love have recently died or are dying.  It makes me sad and it also makes me think.  When we were young, we wanted things to move more quickly, especially time, but now it moves way too fast and I am sad that I didn’t pay attention to the ones I loved and the experiences of life that were remarkable.

I say that I am a better parent now, because I take the time to experience my grandchildren’s lives more fully.  I apologize to my children, I was young and dumb and didn’t realize always what a gift you are to me.  

I say these things as a reminder to all of us.  God has given us lives to live.  God has given us people in our lives that should be cherished.  God has given us so much and sometimes I feel I have squandered it away.  I don’t think I am alone in this feeling.

Whether we are young or old, life is to be lived fully, children do a better job than many of us adults.  Living life fully is not filling it with activities or events, but rather with people, family, friends, co-workers, neighbor and yes even the occasional stranger.

Some of us think about the legacy we want to leave behind after we have died.  I believe we should think more about the lives we touch in the here and now.  How do we make other people’s lives more significant by our actions?  What can I do to bring a smile to the face of another?   How do I share the tears of those who have lost loved ones?  How can I fill the void of those feeling so empty, that no words can fill the space?

The only way we can truly experience our lives more fully is through our connection to others.  “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind, and your neighbor as yourself.”  Wise words spoken by a lawyer who was struggling to find out how to live a life more fully.  Jesus replies, “Yes, that’s right!”  But the lawyer wants to know, “Who is my neighbor?”   It is in that question, that we get one of the most profound stories about human relationships and what they mean.

I am sorry if I have rambled a bit.  I lost a friend last week and another is fighting cancer, life is a gift and way too short!  Never forget to live a life filled with people, it will be the best and most challenging way to experience life, but ultimately well worth it!