Think twice when venturing out into poor weather

The recent snowfall brought out some very interesting situations.  One was my neighbors help me clear my sidewalk and driveway, it was a very nice surprise.  Another was when the weather makes you slow down, you have more time to talk with folks and that was a nice surprise.  Finally, when you are forced to change schedules, appointments or events, you question whether you needed to do it and in some cases you feel guilty.  A not so nice surprise.

I really liked what happen in the first two situations.  People were thinking of others, taking the time and energy to help their neighbors.  Folks taking the time or forced by circumstances to share with others what is happening in their lives and hearing what is going on in theirs.

The last situation reminds me that too often we are bound to a schedule, to a calendar or to a construct of what our lives are supposed to be, at least according to whoever put them on the upcoming events list. I am not saying this is necessarily bad, but to feel guilty about not being able to do something because of the weather, like you are lazy or don’t care enough.  

I don’t want to disappoint those I love, or to those I am responsible too.  Some things we just can’t control (there’s a surprise), yet we still feel if we just tried harder or took the risk our efforts would be rewarded.  Maybe or you end up in a ditch someplace.

When I was young and dumb, I thought that I could brave any weather condition, overcome any obstacle and still make it on time. Even risking life and limb.   Now that I am older and a bit wiser (maybe) I try to look at what I can do, what I want to do and what I need to do.  This helps me see that yes I want to take my grand-daughter to the movies but not at the risk to her life or mine.  Yes she was disappointed and I was as well, we will get together soon, I will try my best.

I guess what I am getting at here is that there are things that we can control, how we respond to them, absolutely.  Do we look to the needs of those closest to us, to listen to the words of those next to us and do we say; “I can’t do this now!” for reasons beyond my control.   Here is the big one in this and not feel guilty about it.    There will be more storms, more challenges to our list of to dos and we will get opportunities to choose.   In the words of the guardian of the Holy Grail in “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”; “Choose wisely!”