Pastor's Logos: March - The Poster Month for Change

March is a strange month with weird weather, basketball tournaments, spring breaks, Holy Week (yes, it’s early), and daylight savings time, which always makes me a little cranky. 

This year March is coming in like a lion all over the United States. This is not nice at all! For those with allergies, pollen is in the air early and, of course, there is the joy of potholes.

Boy am I being a downer, or what? But March can be a bit of an off putting month. 

March is the month of changes.

One reason for this is the anticipation of change. March is a month of changes with even more and bigger ones to come.  I’m not talking about just weather. I am referring to life changes: weddings, graduations, end of school year, new jobs and moves! We know they are coming, and March is just a preview of things to come.

March has the first day of spring, a time of new life, new beginnings, melting of the snow (eventually), migrating birds, and returning ones.  Life is changing. The world is changing and we are going to have to deal with it.  Or at least try and deal with it the best we can. 

We are not alone.

What I am getting at is that we are not alone in these changes that happen. Whether the change of seasons or the changes in our lives, we are not alone.  I believe that God is with us in all of these changes.  Mostly through other people and the creatures in the world around us.  Spring is muddy, messy and quite changeable, but so is life.

Some people want to say that God is never changing, but I think God has and does change a lot.  The promises God makes to us do not change.  But if God is working through you and me and the world we live in, God is quite adaptable.  God is constantly finding ways to remind us of God’s love for us and the promise God makes to us through Jesus the Christ, God’s Son.

It was probably during the last week in March, or the first week of April 2000 years ago that Jesus was born. Thirty-three years later he died on the cross and rose from the tomb.  Talk about change! God becomes human (Jesus): big change there. God (Jesus) dies: catastrophic change. Jesus rises from the dead: game changer.

God's promises will never change. 

I guess March is the poster month for change and in all of it. God still reminds us that his love for us has not gone away and God’s promises to us never will either.