Pastor's Logos: Live Life As You Should

Have you noticed that people are tired?  They are tired of the weather, the news, the drama, and tired of being tired!  Maybe it is culture that is moving so quickly that we find it hard to keep up, and we feel wore out.  Maybe the expectations of others, who, whether at work, home or play, call for us to be high performing.  Maybe I am just getting old, but I see this in folks much younger than I am.  I see it in kids!

Life is to be lived, but how we live it is just as important as living it.  We cannot always go full out and expect ourselves to keep up the pace.  Showing up is half the battle. The other half is if you are engaged or not.  If you put it all on the line for work and have nothing left when you get home, that is not good.  If you are taking care of everyone else’s needs and don’t have time for yourself, what’s the point?

Scripture calls us to be balanced in our living. Love God and love others as yourself.  God is the fulcrum point that which we are to balance our life on.  Not work, play, or home, but rather God others and self.  Others and self in equal parts, which includes work, home and play.  This is not always such an easy task.

In this world, those who achieve the most, are usually those who work the hardest, sacrificing all for the sake of success.  This is not to say working hard is bad, but do we live to work or work to live?  You heard the old saying; “all work and no play makes…….” (you insert the name).  For all people, keeping life in the balance is critical.  If your cup is always pouring out, how can you refill it?

God made us in God’s image, but we are not gods. We are humans.  Remember that commandment about having no other gods, yes that one, the first one.  We have been created to be human and live life fully in our finite humanity.  Being exhausted all the time, feeling that you are running on empty and waking up tired.  This means we are not being ourselves. We are trying to be something we are not.

All these things I have said, I admit that I have not lived as I should.  Therefore, this blog is for me, too.  My grandchildren will say: “Papa, go take a nap and afterwards we have projects to do and games to play!”  Yes, that sounds good: projects and play with those I love and who love me!  Isn’t that when life is at its best!