God’s Love in Nature or Creation
#Jesusonthego #Seeinglove

This summer we are once again taking out mini-Jesus and sharing “Jesus on the Go!” this time with a different subtext: “Where do we see Jesus’ Love?”


As a storyteller, I am constantly looking and listening for stories that I can share in my sermons, in Bible studies or devotions.  Because it is summer and we are generally outside, it made sense to talk about seeing God’s Love in nature or creation.  What came to my mind immediately was not a beautiful Spring Day, but rather a December blizzard.

My two-year-old brother got it into his head that he wanted to get the coffee pot off the counter. He did, spilling hot coffee over 1/3 of his body. His screams were terrible. Outside, there was a raging blizzard that had already dropped 10 inches of snow and every street in town was impassable.  Dad called the police and they couldn’t come out. They would have to get one of the city snowplows but they were working just to keep the town from being buried.

After dad hung up the phone he didn’t know what to do. When we heard the doorbell ring, dad went to the door with my brother’s agonizing screams in the background. The man at the door worked for the city. He heard that we needed a snowplow to take my brother to the hospital. Quickly my folks bundled up my brother, put him in the cab of the plow with mom and off they headed to the hospital.

The man who so quickly responded to the call for help had a son with a learning disability that my mother had tutored for several years. This made it possible for him to graduate. I don’t think it registered on my parents, who were just so grateful for the help. Later they realized that one’s love for your child and how others share in that love to them, can make all the difference, even in a blizzard!