Jesus' Love in the Church #Jesusonthego #seeinglove

Where do we see Jesus’ love at work?  My work is here at St. Paul’s. I am lucky to have the opportunity to see folks of all ages sharing the love of God in word and deed. Sometimes, though, an unexpected gift of love comes my way.

After a particular Children’s sermon, a child whispered in my ear, “I love you, Pastor Paul.”

Without thinking I said, “I love you too!” 

“I know that,” she said.  

“You tell us all the time about God loving us and that we share that love with each other!” She then heads back to her seat next to mom.

Sometimes you wonder if you are getting through to folks about sharing God’s love in the world.  This child made sure I knew she had heard, and that she wanted me to know it. The gift of a child’s honest response to a call to love is powerful.

Christ - throughout his life, in his death and in his resurrection - wanted the world to know of the power of his love for us and how that changes hearts and minds.  I know that sharing Jesus’ love at work is much different than at church.  But showing kindness, care, respect and forgiveness are all powerful ways which we share the love of God.  Showing love is not a sign of weakness, but rather a confident risk. Realizing that by doing so you can change the way people experience life that day and maybe beyond.