Jesus' Love at a Birthday Party

Where did I see Jesus’ love this week?  I saw it at a four-year-old’s birthday party.  Yes, at a birthday party.  The event had kids and adults of nearly all ages. Of course, there was a cake with candles, singing Happy Birthday and tearing into the various gifts.

I saw Jesus’ love in the face of the child as we sang Happy Birthday to him.  He smiled in such a way that I saw pure joy in his face.  He beamed, smiling mouth and smiling eyes, as he scanned the faces all those singing to him.  It made people smile to see his joy and the gratitude in his whole demeanor.  After we were done singing he burst out with, “Thanks, guys!”

After the feeding frenzy, there were the gifts.  Four-year-olds seldom see the cards. That is the task of the adults.  The boy moved so fast from one treasure to another, that it was hard to keep up.  One package lost its card. The giver of the gift said to the boy, “That’s my gift.”  Meaning, I gave it to you. The boy misunderstood and thought that gift was for her.  He stopped unwrapping the gift and said, “I’m sorry. Here!”  There was the briefest moment of silence.  The boy was surrounded by gifts. It was his birthday and anyone would have assumed that every gift was for him.

“No, honey. It is your gift. I gave it to you,” she said.  “Ok!  Thank you!” he calmly said, as he returned to unwrapping the gift.  What a wonderful scene to see!   Many children would have had a meltdown or resisted.  Instead, the little guy felt bad when he assumed he had opened someone else’s gift.  He had so much, and he didn’t want this person not to have what he had.

I saw Jesus’ love in the innocent generosity of a child who was sorry that he may have taken someone’s joy away.  I saw God’s love in the joyous face of a child, as he heard those he loved to sing to him. 

Jesus said; “You must receive God’s love like a child.”  Jesus also said: “Let the children come to me for theirs is the kingdom of God!”  I believe he was telling us adult types that when you receive God’s promise of salvation, you will be filled with love. Because you have so much of it, you really don’t mind sharing it at all.