God's Love at McDonald's: #Jesusonthego #seeinglove

I saw God’s love the other day at McDonald’s. Yes, that’s right at McDonald’s. It involved a child, a panhandler and a happy meal. 

I am not a big fan of those who are panhandling on our streets and in public places. In part because there are many places that offer these folks help, and they are not taking advantages of the help that is offered. Also many, but not all, are seeking money that they spend on things that are not food, shelter or clothing, which adds to their struggles. However, this is not the point of my story.

A dirty, older man with a long beard was in McDonald’s in St. Cloud, MN.  He was going from table to table asking for money to help him buy food.  As you might expect there were a number of families there and many of the parents were not too happy about what this man was doing.

Just as the manager was coming over to send him on his way, a child steped up to the old man.  “Here, this is for you,” she said.  “It’s a happy meal, but you can have it and you can even keep the toy inside.”  The restaurant went silent, the manager stopped in his tracks and everyone stared at these two absolutely different looking people.  A man who saw very hard times, begging for food and an innocent child who gave what she had so the man could eat.

The man smiled, “Thank you, child,” He said.  “I don’t know what I will do with the toy, though.”  “Play with it!”  She said.  “It will make you happy.”  She said with a smile.  “Thank you.” the man replied.  He then walked over to an empty table in the corner and ate his happy meal. 

The manager turned around and went behind the counter, shaking his head, many folks were smiling and some had tears.  The child returned to her seat with her amazed parents and smiling little brother.  “Why did you give your food to that man,” her parents asked?  “He was hungry, so I gave him my happy meal.”  She replied. Her tone was, isn’t obvious, my words not hers.

This is where I saw God’s love, on vacation, at McDonald’s from a little girl to a hungry man.  I doubt that anyone who saw this will ever forget it.