Jesus' Love and Unconditional Acceptance: #Jesusonthego #Seeinglove

Where have I seen Jesus’ love? This is still the question we want people to answer and share. I have been doing some serious reading lately, which means my head is in a book; however, I have also tried to go to some movies, especially with my grandchildren.

Recently, during one of the hottest days of the year so far, my wife Jane and I took our grand-daughter Ella to the movie, “The Incredibles 2”. When it is hot out people’s tempers get a bit hot as well and you can imagine trying to maneuver through a parking lot at the theaters with folks especially little ones trying to get in and see the show.  The parents were pretty good at keeping their kids in tow, but occasionally there would be a runner.  You know the excitement can be too much for some kids and adults as well.

Making it into the theater way too earlier, even before the previews, we were wondering what to do.  A little boy who was sitting at a table with some other kids his age and some parents invited Ella to come and sit down. “Color with us!” He said.  “Here is a mask, it’s yours!”  (a mask like the Incredibles wear).  There was no hesitation, the child wanted us to have a place to hang out until the movie started.  I guess we crashed a kid’s birthday party, but no one cared.  “Come to sit down, color with us, there is a place for you here!”  This was the message!

Later a picture of Ella and Papa was posted.  Both of us had smiles. She was the biggest and she had a mask. It was a good day.  Sometimes it is that unconditional acceptance of us that shows God’s love best.  

I can just hear Jesus as a kid while playing a game when another child comes by. “Come here and join us, there is a place for you.” This is God’s love, this is God’s kingdom and there is always a place for us.