Questions Based on God’s Word

Do you have to be a Christian to show Jesus’ love? Is there such a thing as good or bad Christians? Are some Christians better than other Christians? NO! 

Should Christians show Jesus’ love to everyone? Do all Christians sin? Do all Christians follow Christ? Yes, yes and maybe, sometimes, depends!

In a world that calls for yes and no answers for everything, I find that this is not always the case. I am not talking here about situation ethics (the situation determines the response), but rather absolutes that are not in our human toolkit.

The first five questions are all based on God’s Word. The sixth question is based on human opinion. Human opinion or perspective is always, and I mean always, limited. That doesn’t mean we can’t have one. We just cannot be absolute in our assertion. God is God and, well, we are human, therefore finite, flawed and also forgiven. Forgiven not because being human is a sin, but rather humans will commit sin, on a regular basis, even Christians, who are just as human as the next human.

What is the point of this blog?  There are some things we can say for certain about God and what God calls us to do. God forgives, God loves, God creates, God acts, and God speaks.  The next set of questions is for us to answer, which means there will be varying opinions and interpretations. Who does God forgive? Who does God love? Who has God created? How has God acted? What does God say?

I believe in a more expansive vision of God’s forgiveness, love, creative approaches, divine actions and God’s voice. For me, I believe in God’s unconditional grace. I see that amazing grace when I look at the cross. Yes, I see God’s love when I look at a simple piece of wood, not just the wood, but what that wooden symbol means for me. “For God so loved me and everyone else, that he died for me so that I and all of creation might be saved.”  That, my friends, is where I see Jesus’ or God’s love today and every day.