Pastor's Logos: A Story of Love

Pastor Paul’s Blog August 23, 2018

At a wedding recently, I told a story about a young couple who were engaged to be married. Here is that story:

The groom to be was a pilot with the Army Air Corp. The bride was a young lady of many skills, which included mechanics and a lathe operator.  They were to be married the day before Christmas in 1941.

The groom was Carl. He was deployed to Hawaii and stationed at Hickman Field. The bride was Alice. She was to fly to Hawaii right after Thanksgiving to be there for a wedding on the beach.  Then Pearl Harbor was bombed on Dec. 7th, 1941.  Carl survived the attack, although the plane he was to fly was destroyed. Alice didn’t find out until a week later that he had survived.

Alice wanted to be with the love of her life as soon as possible, but there wasn’t going to be any civilian traffic to Hawaii for quite some time. Alice then decided to join the Army Air Corp as a mechanic. The Army did not take women mechanics into service at that time and rejected her. She went to the Marine Corps recruiter. They immediately signed her up.  However, they were not going to deploy her to Hawaii, instead, she would work on planes in San Diego.

For the next four years, the couple was separated by World War 2 and the combat in the Pacific. Carl was sent to the Philippines and Burma. Alice continued to assemble propellers for fighter planes in California. Alice created each prop, then placed it on the airplane with great care.  She said a prayer each time she did it, asking for protection for the pilot, praying that God would look out for them and Carl.

On the steps of the courthouse in Los Angeles County, Alice was finally reunited with Carl. It was there they were married.  Marines and Army Air Corp Pilots witnessed the ceremony by a justice of the peace. 

The reason I told this story to the bridal couple was that the love that Carl and Alice shared is the same love that they have.  For it was God who gave this love to both couples. I also decided to tell them this story because the groom is a pilot and so was most of the groomsmen, and that the couple whose love held them together for so long, got married on the same day 73 years ago. Both couples share the same anniversary and the same God-given love. 

After I told the story there was an audible sigh from the congregation. I heard several groomsmen say that was a great story.  I think I saw tears in their eyes. Love has that kind of power you know. It can make strong men weep and husbands and wives love each other as long as they both shall live! Amen.