Pastor’s Logos: Bonding Over Simple Things

I love to read books and so does my wife. So going to the ½ Price Bookstore is really a nice time. However, we have quite different taste in literature, so she went her way and I went mine. No big deal. You will usually find me in the history section, but I was getting a bit overwhelmed with both current and past historical events. Instead, I went for pure escapism.

Graphic novels are really an upgraded comic book, but they have substance. They are more durable than your regular comic. You don’t feel so goofy when you say, “I am reading a graphic novel.” It just sounds more grown-up.

I am looking for “Conan the Barbarian” graphic novels. They only had one that I’ve already read. Yes, I do read them - not just look at the very fine artwork.

I started to look at all the Batman graphic novels.

There was a gentleman right next to me and he was also looking at some graphic novels of some more obscure heroes. He asked me what I was looking for and I told him, explaining that I already had that one and was looking at the Batman graphic novels. Side note here: Us nerds are able to communicate well with each other about things that many would find incomprehensible.

We talked for quite a while until my wife said that she had found her book. I thanked the man for the conversation and then he blessed me. That’s right, he blessed me. I returned the blessing without even thinking. The man didn’t have a clue that I am a Lutheran pastor. I saw he was wearing a yarmulke, which means a devout Jew. To think that a Christian and a Jew can bond over the simplest things! Just a couple of nerds talking about comic book heroes. Isn’t that what the world should be? It should be a place where we bless each other and talk about our heroes.