The "being with" is more impactful than the "doing"

It always amazes me the energy level of preschoolers, it is like they have a nuclear engine in them, then they hit that point, crash and burn and invariably a meltdown.  Recently nana and papa took one of their four year old grandsons to see dinosaurs at Lauritzen Gardens.  He was so excited and so were we.  But on the way he became somewhat cranky about a very minor thing.  We should have realized then, that we were approaching a possible meltdown. 

On our arrival, he began to be upbeat and quite excited, things looked good and so did the dinosaurs.  But our plan for a 45 minute adventure to Jurassic world was quickly being derailed by a four year old’s attention span.  We blew through 400 million years of pre-historic history in 20 minutes.  He nearly ran from dinosaur to dinosaur like a T-Rex at a Valentino’s buffet line.

At the end we look at what was next and of course the gift shop.  I think we could have gotten a better toy dinosaur at Target, but hey it is a memory. It was at this point that meltdown occurred.  Even other little kids came up to us and asked if he was ok.  “He is just tired.” We replied.  We final got to the car, strapped our overly tired grandson into his car seat and drove home to his mom’s house! 

The point of this real life parable, is that in planning for our children and their children we forget that sometimes they just want to be with us versus doing things with us.  Oh I am sure he will remember that he saw dinosaurs in a jungle setting, but something tells me he will remember playing on the floor with nana, or knights with papa. One on one, just us and our full attention.

There are Biblical examples of just that sort of focus. Jesus speaks to crowds, but more often than not, it is with the individual that he shows us what is most. Whether it is the woman at the well, Zacchaeus in a tree, Martha in the kitchen or the repentant sinner on the cross. Jesus shows that we are his focus, not just human beings in general, but God’s love one on one.  This is how love is shown and is often times best received.