I am sad for those who are being singled out.

On Tuesday night Feb. 26th, the United Methodist Church took a vote.  They decided the roles of LGBTQ in the Methodist Church and gave reasons why these folks are to be excluded from full membership in the church.  

I am sad for those who are being singled out and prevented from being able to take leadership roles in the Methodist Church. I am sad that God’s Word and tradition were used as the primary reasons for this decision.  I am sad for the Methodist Church, who will be split asunder over this decisions and the many folks who will leave the church. 

I guess I am not just sad, but frustrated and angry as well. Frustrated that with all the things happening in the church from pedophile priests, church cover-ups, and evangelical Christian politics and now the vote against LGBTQ folks, how can the church say that it is the love of Christ in the world.  

I know churches are not perfect organizations because we are filled with imperfect people (not so filled as we used to be). However, why do we keep asking why are young people are not coming to church anymore?   Really, isn’t it obvious?

I also angry, because instead of looking at the log in our own eye, we condemn those with the speck in theirs.  I am angry that we set ourselves above others, rather than realizing that our sin is no different than anyone else. 

If we say we love all people in the name of Jesus Christ and do not live accordingly, we are hypocrites or fools, condemning ourselves.  

I am sad that many of the folks who read this will be upset that I am not forgiving of our sisters and brothers in the Methodist Church.  It is not me they need to seek forgiveness from.  I do hurt for them and I know that many in the ELCA are not at all happy with our stand on LGBTQ in the church.   I are foolish, broken sinners who are afraid of those not like us and insecure in many matters of faith.  But whatever our Faith Tradition, we are called to love one another as Jesus has loved us.  This is the Gospel truth.