God Wants Us All To Be Whole

Last weekend, I preached to four different groups; Saturday night folks, traditional Sunday morning 8:30am folks, Contemporary Worshipers at 10:30am, and Crossroads Prisoners at Trinity Lutheran in NE Omaha. Same texts, “healing” stories from the Old and New Testament, but in some cases totally different groups, which means a different sermon for each.

The theme was the same for all “God wants all of us to be whole in body, mind and spirit!”  The Gospel texts tell of Jesus giving sight to a blind man.  The only question he asks of the man is; “What can I do for you!”  Nothing about how did you become blind or what is your social standing, clearly he was poor because he was begging on the roadside.  Jesus does not discriminate, he heals those who are poor, enemies of the Jews, pagans, heretics, women, children and yes even the dead.  If Jesus doesn’t show partiality that means God doesn’t either.

Pretty clear and simple theme right, but some folks were quite positive about that health was a right not a privilege for the few, some not so much.  I wonder why when God’s Word makes it pretty clear that God desires all of us to have fullness of life, that some would say that having good health care is not for everyone.

America has the best health care that money can buy, but only for those who can afford it.  People should not have to choose, whether they are going to eat that week or get the medicine their children need.   People should not have to go bankrupt and lose everything to treat their parent’s Alzheimer or their spouse’s cancer.  God wants us whole and healthy, I wish I could cure people with a word or a touch, but this is not the case.  However I have children who have been saved by the medical blessings of today.  I know that most of us have been saved from greater health problems because of vaccines.  I know we have the ability to help nearly everyone who needs quality health care and yet the first thing out of those who resists, is look at the costs.

Good health is not only for the rich, the powerful, and one race over others.  Good health and quality medical care is a God given right.  How much is the life of our children, spouse or other loved ones worth, to spend, to save their life, to keep them healthy, to give them the quality of life that they deserve?

I speak about this not as a politician but as a follower of Christ. One third of Jesus ministry was devoted to healing, not only changing hearts and minds, but making broken bodies and minds whole again.  We certainly are not as good as Jesus is in that effort, but we have gifts of medicine that are light years ahead from the time when Jesus was physically with us.

Jesus was both honored and accused of showing no partiality.  He welcomed all and healed all who desired to be so!  Those on prison release who worshiped at Trinity love the idea, interestingly enough, so did most of the folks at the rest of the services. Apparently having good health and health care is something all of us desire and God does too.