Don't Worry, God will provide.

Getting ready for a trip is both exciting and a bit nerve wracking.  What should I bring to wear?  What is the weather going to be like?  Did I pack enough for what I am going to do?  Who brought the phone charger?  Well you get the point.

The issue for the trip is that we have destination. We basically know where we are going. In our lives, in the nation, in the world, the journey of living is not a given destination.  In fact, the path we seem to be on is either confusing or a pathway to destruction.

When it comes to this world, I take heart that wherever we go, God is there!  When it comes to what happens at the end of time, or the end of my time, God made a promise that God will keep.  Salvation is not my question, but how I live in the knowledge of where God has promise to take me.  How do I live out this journey, this trip of life?

Honestly, I really am not sure if I have all the things I need, but God tells me not to worry. God will provide.  God says don’t worry about the destination, I will lead you. Don’t worry about who you are going with, you will have plenty of company.  Maybe not the fellow travelers that you would pick says God, but the ones who you will need and who will need you!

I guess the destination is the goal, but how we get there, what we experience along the way and who we go with is also part of God’s plan for this life, this world, this nation.  Hold on, it is going to be quite the ride.