The 4th of July

On Thursday, July the 4th, we will celebrate our nation’s birthday.  There will be fireworks and food, beverages of all kinds, friends and family, a national party as it were.  But like any good party, it takes lots of work to make it happen.  I am not talking about the 4th of July festivities, I am talking about what it took to make our nation.

I believe we sometimes let it slide that there are still men and women who are not here having a beer and burger.   Because they are deployed someplace other than the United States.  I don’t mean to rain on a parade, but the people who are not here; those serving and those who died serving should be included on the national party guest list.

I am very glad that we can celebrate our freedom, but how we use it and remember how we got here needs to be addressed.  Here are some suggestions to make the party celebrations that much more special:

1.   You should know what happened on July 4th 1776.

2.   If you are illegible to vote, you should have done so.

3.   If you know someone who served in the armed forces or are doing so currently, you should thank them for their service.

4.   At least once in your adult life you should go to a graveside service with full military honors. (Trust me you will be moved!)

5.  If you have avoided American history classes because they don’t seem worthwhile, maybe you should think again.

6.   If you were born here and have no fears about being deported, you should thank God and your parents.

7.   If you wear the American flag as clothing, you might be forgetting what it stands for.

8.   If you think the national anthem just gets in the way of the start of a game, maybe you should remember that this is how the party got started. 

9.    If you have never done anything to make your community a better place, maybe you should take the time to do so, before you attend the next 4th of July celebration.

Finally if you think that the 4th of July is only about a day off from work, a time for drinking, eating, fireworks and sunburns, well you are still invited to the party.  The reason why all of us are, is because of the work and sacrifice that made this national day of celebration possible.

There is nothing better than a good party and it is particularly special when you know what it takes to build a nation that we can celebrate.  Have a Blessed and safe 4th of July!