If God is for us, who can stand against us?

“What should we say about these things if God is for us who can stand against us?”  This is from Paul’s letter to the followers of Christ in Rome.  However there are Christians who see this as anyone who doesn’t agree with them is against them and therefore against God.  What should we say about this vision of Christianity? It is wrong! 

Just because someone doesn’t agree with you doesn’t make them your enemy and if they disagree with you on matters of Faith, that doesn’t make them against God.  How is it that if I disagree with some of my brothers and sisters in Christ that I am attacking them or oppressing them.  Yet when they speak in language that is hateful to me or those I love, it is their right to do so.  Why are their opinions and “rights” more important than mine, or those who are attacked for their skin color, religion, nation of origin or those who do not believe the way they do!

I am tired of going along just to get along.  I am sick and tired of not being able to speak out because someone feels I have become too political.  Jesus was very political and died on the cross because of people of faith (religious leaders) were threaten by him and what he was saying and doing.

Think about it, here are the accusations leveled against Jesus;

He hung out with sinners, tax collectors and prostitutes, translate that into men and women who couldn’t pay the sin tax, women who followed Jesus, gentiles and of course children.

He healed the sick on the Sabbath.

He forgave sins for free.

He was critical of the religious leadership because they were more concerned about themselves and the institution rather than the people.

Jesus was accused of telling the leadership and predicting the future of what would happen if they didn’t change what they were doing.

He preached the Word of God like he really believed it, because he did!  

To be silent when both secular and religious leaders are operating in a manner that is only for their benefit and for those like them.  I don’t agree with this and I am speaking out for those who have no voice.  

Christians in North America are not oppressed, unless your skin color or ethnic heritage is different from white Christians.   Some Christians see themselves as victims, but we are more in the camp with the victimizers.  As a follower of Christ and as a leader in the church, I will not be silent about this. 

I do not write this blog to vent my anger or out of fear for myself.  Oh, maybe a little anger, but I don’t want to hear Jesus say to me;  “When I was in need, you didn’t do a thing!”