The Power of Forgiveness

There are so many superhero movies out there, a person can get sick of them.  I am not one of those people.  The other day one of my grandkids asked; “Do Christians have a super-power?  She wanted to know now, not “I will get back to you!” You know pastors are suppose too have all the answers.  I was quiet for a bit thinking and then she asked. “Don’t you know Papa?”

“Why yes I do.”   I said, reaching back to what a friend of mine once told me.  “Forgiveness!   That is our super-power and we all have it!” My grandchild looked at me with disappointment in her eyes; “I thought it was going to be something powerful. Forgiveness is easy!”  She said.

Now the pastor mode kicked in and I had a big response.   No, I thought, she wants an answer she can relate too, not a theological illustration.  “Have you ever done something wrong, I mean really something that made your mom and dad mad at you?”  She thought for a moment; “Well yes, I hit my brother with a toy one time and he really cried and mom was really mad.” “Did she forgive you?” I asked.  “Yes.”  She admitted.  “How did that make you feel when she wasn’t mad at you anymore?”  “Better.”  She said in a bit of a whisper.  

I knew she had gotten the point, but I pushed a little. “Did your brother forgive you? “Yes, but it took a while.  It helped when the bump on his head got smaller!” She replied.  “If forgiveness makes you feel better doesn’t that mean it has power?”

“I guess so.”   She said.  “It must have been hard for your brother to forgive you after you knocked him on the head.” I said.  “So forgiveness makes you feel better and when something really hurts you, it is harder to forgive.”  In the great insight of a nine year old, she answered; “This is going to be in a sermon isn’t it, Papa?”  “Maybe.  Does it make sense?  “Yes, but I would rather be able to fly or be super strong.”

Yes, there are days when I would like those super-powers as well.In truth though, we might just possess the greatest super-power of all and we don’t even realize it.Maybe we should use it more and find out how really powerful it can be!