I believe we are a compassionate people.

I heard someone say about hurricane Dorian; “It was very sad what happened to the Bahamas, but it is there not here”.  There is a non-Biblical saying: “There for go I, but for the grace of God.”   But I have also heard folks say; “I know how it feels to lose everything to rising waters!” or “I know what it is like to hear the wind sounding like a train running through your house!”  These last two quotes came from Nebraskans who know what Mother Nature can do. They empathize with the Bahamians.

For followers of Christ, we are told by God’s Word that when bad things happen to our neighbors, it is as if it were happening to us or a family member.  I know that there are many organizations out there asking for our financial support to help others.  Most of these organizations are doing a good job including the ELCA.  For most of us this might be the only way we can help and in many cases the best way, considering the circumstances.

Our help is needed and wanted.  I believe we are a compassionate people.  But I also believe that we are going to face more and more of what has happened to the Bahamas and what happened earlier this year to Nebraska and Iowa.  Remember that Cyclone Bomb that hit the region in March, well hurricanes are called cyclones in the Pacific.  We know firsthand the power of climate change.

So this is something that calls for a different kind of action.  What we do locally has impact globally.   But we can’t just address what is happening to God’s world by recycling our plastic, paper and aluminum.  I believe as followers of Christ we are called to help our neighbors, by helping the whole neighborhood.   This might just call us to use our vote to influence the leaders, who make decisions about the future of God’s world, our neighborhood!

I am not telling you who to vote for.  But I do believe we should as voters, ask the question; “Does the candidate believe in climate change and what are they going to do about it?”   For you see their will always be natural disasters.   But if we are the ones making these events worse by our nation’s decisions, then there is no amount of recycling that we do, as individuals that will make much of a difference.

The prophets of old dealt primarily with their nation’s leaders both secular and religious.  They blamed them for leading the people astray from what God desired. Today in our country we have more choices and one of them is to call our leaders to accountability.  

There is the old joke that goes like this; “How fast do you need to run to avoid being eaten by the bear?Just faster than the other guy!”Someday if we don’t act, it is going to be just us and the bear!