What legacy will I be remembered by?

I have been thinking a lot lately about how people will remember me after I have gone from this life.  Not trying to be morbid or anything, just as I get older it seems to come to mind more often.  My wife and I have also been planning out our funerals, so that we know and the kids know what we want. 

All that being said, I guess the issue is not so much about the past or really even about the future, but what will I do now. I have preached thousands of sermons and I bet dollars to doughnuts nobody will remember a single one. Oh, maybe the really bad ones.  I have presided at many worships, weddings and funerals, I hope they remember me, fondly. But what really matters is what I am doing to make life better for those both close and not so close to me today.

It is not necessarily the big things I do, but those little things that make a difference.  Taking time out to watch my grandchildren at ball games, concerts and play. It is doing something out of the ordinary for my bride that she doesn’t expect.  Maybe it is calling my dad, who by the way is 92 years old, in the middle of the day to see how he is doing.  I may wake him from his nap, but something tells me he will be glad to hear from me.  These are the folks close to me. 

For those who are farther afield, reading a story to a group of second graders, supporting college students as they struggle to find their identity and look to the future.  Take the time to be kind and not rush through life without living in a way that makes other people’s life just a bit better.  

Being nice to the folks at the drive thru, not hitting the horn when someone really doesn’t know where they are going and you know they are slowing down to get their bearings.  Trust me, there is nothing so frustrating as to be on both sides of that situation.  Just giving them a break and not trying to make them even more anxious than they already are.  They won’t know my name, but patience and kindness can ripple through lives.

Just treating folks in ways that show respect, gratitude, patient and kindness can bring a thought to someone, I don’t know you but you were nice to me.   I am not trying to win any awards here.   I just think that if I have done something that has made a situation better, a heart lighter, a day brighter, maybe, just maybe that is a legacy that I can live with!!!  Amen!