What can I do to save the planet?

What can I do to save the planet?  Good question, for followers of Christ we speak about that we have already been saved.   But the question of how we save the planet is more about how we care for this planet that God has made.  In Genesis, God calls us to be stewards of this creation, the translation of subdue the creation is how the Hebrews understood agriculture.   Even today farmers and ranchers understand the struggle to successfully raise livestock or bring in a good crop.  

If we take God’s Word seriously, we will see that it is important to care for that which gives life, so that future generations may live as well.  One person in Nebraska cannot stop the forest fires destroying the Amazon in Brazil. But in the home state of “Arbor Day”, we sure can plant trees.  We can also support those organizations that are advocates for environmental preservation and justice.   We also can vote to ensure that we have leaders that take seriously the responsibility of caring for the resources, of land, water, air and those that are dependent on them.

I have a great respect for farmers who see themselves as stewards of the land and act accordingly.  But I have little or no respect for those who rape, pillage and plunder the creation, only for their needs and fortunes, with little regard for their neighbors and the generations to come.  There is a commandment that speaks to this; “Thou shall not steal!”

If we only take and destroy the creation for our profit, with no sense of how this will impact the lives of our neighbors, their children and our children, we are stealing their quality of life and their future.  

Those lead pipes that were allowed to contaminate the water in Flint and Newark and were not replace because it was too expensive, tell a tale of greed and lack of care for others.  The children whose physical and mental development was harmed, because leaders felt the cost was too much, maybe should be reminded that they too are stewards of something quite precious.  The health and wellbeing of the citizens of these communities.

How can we save the planet?  One act of care for our neighbors and the neighborhood we live in. Both gifts from God!