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+ Miller Park Reading Program

This is our third year of reading to 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders at Miller Park Elementary School. During school, St. Paul’s members volunteer to read to the children. Each child receives the same book that is being read to keep as his or her own. St. Paul’s purchases these books. So far we have read to over 360 children and given over two thousand books. We hope to expand the program to Rockwell Elementary here in Millard.

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To learn more about the Millard Reading Program, please email us.

+ AMEN Grill

Mountain View

AMEN (Aspiring to Meet Everyone's Needs) Grill reaches out to the community/neighborhood by providing weekly meals during the summer. We encourage members to join this ministry.

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To learn more about the AMEN Grill, please email us.

+ First Lutheran Food Pantry

The members of St. Paul’s and First Lutheran partner together to help serve and supply one of Omaha’s most active food pantries. There are food and clothing drop off here in the building at the church and anyone is welcome to help in the collecting and distribution of food and other items!

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To learn more about our food pantry, please email us.

+ School Kits

Imagine wanting to attend school but not having the ability to purchase needed supplies. Each summer school supplies are gathered by the St. Paul’s community and then sorted into kits for children around the globe.

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To learn more about our school kits program, please email us.

+ Holiday Food Boxes

Members of St. Paul’s with the help of WELCA (Women of the ELCA) put together boxes of food to help families with holiday meal preparation.

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To learn more about our holiday food boxes, please email us.

+ Buddy Bags (Military Service Support)

The members of St. Paul’s have a great appreciate for our men and women in the armed services and we help out those individuals and units with care packages that make for an easier time in deployed service. Help and supplies are always welcomed.

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To learn more about our buddy baskets, please email us.

+ Brush Up Nebraska

A public service project designed to help low-income, elderly and permanently disabled homeowners by painting the exterior of their home.

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To learn more about Brush Up Nebraska, please email us.

+ Habitat for Humanity

St. Paul’s is a member of the Faithful Builders Coalition for Omaha Habitat for Humanity. We are one of thirteen area churches that team together for this coalition. Each year, the Faithful Builders Coalition constructs a new home in the Omaha area starting in August and finishing in late October. Our goal is simple: “to build a simple, decent, house” for a family that makes 30 to 60% of median income. The family makes a down payment in 350 hours of sweat equity plus a $500 down payment at closing. The habitat home is purchased at cost with a low affordable interest mortgage of 20 to 30 years that includes an escrow for taxes and insurance. Donations of land, materials, and labor from community members help to keep the cost of the house affordable. Omaha Habitat gives a percentage of the cost of each house to a Habitat organization in another country. This donation may fund an entire house in that country. Forty two homes were built or renovated by Omaha Habitat in 2016. Our coalition project for 2018 is a new house from the ground up. (13956 Hickory Circle)

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+ Community Church Partnerships

St. Paul's has partnered with churches in the metro area to do a variety of outreach projects.

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To learn more about our community church partnerships, please email us.

+ Community Meals

A team prepares and serves a meal at First Baptist six times per year, helping those in need.

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To learn more about our community meals program, please email us.

+ Trinity Lutheran Partnership

St. Paul’s partners with teams at Trinity Lutheran to do a worship service and meal for prisoners on release and their families several times throughout the year.

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To learn more about our partnership with Trinity Lutheran, please email us.

+ Angel Tree

Mountain View In collaboration with Prison Fellowship, members at St. Paul’s Lutheran church provide Christmas gifts to children whose parents have been incarcerated. Each year the church receives gift requests from a national registry and members choose a gift to buy. Prison Fellowship then makes sure that gifts are delivered to each child.

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To learn more about Angel Tree, please email us.