Council & Committees

St. Paul's is home to a number of councils and committees. Learn more about the groups who help us fulfill our mission below.  

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+ SPLC Council

St. Paul’s has a seven-member Church Council who work in partnership with our staff in leading the ministry and mission of our faith community. The congregation votes to elect the Church Council at the annual meeting, upon recommendation of the nominating committee. The Council meets monthly (usually the second Monday of each month).


Susie Stieren, President
Jared Collins, Vice President
Joel Christensen, Secretary
Tom Wilson, Treasurer
Dan Abendroth, Member
Don Anderson, Member
Jeff Hohenstein, Member

+ Endowment Board

The Endowment Board has been in operation since the mid-1990s and is working to create a legacy environment at St. Paul’s. Throughout the year, they host special events geared toward assisting members with estate planning and financial protection for them as they age. This is a five-person voting board assisted by a variety of advisors.

+ Finance Committee

The Finance Committee meets regularly to review congregational finances, operations, assets and property. The Committee works in support with the Council, its committees, and St. Paul’s missions and ministries. The Committee carefully manages the resources and takes the responsibility to prepare a yearly budget.

+ Mission & Vision Team

St. Paul's Mission & Vision program allows members to share the joy of giving. Our goal is to continue to inspire generous sharing and enjoy the blessing we receive in return.

+ Technology & Communication Committee

The Technology & Communications Committee’s mission is to strategize with, advise, enable, and assist staff, ministries, and groups at St. Paul’s on how best to leverage technology to fulfill the mission of our church, both in our congregation and within the community.

+ Facility Team

This ministry group assists with the day-to-day upkeep of the church as well as the long range maintenance that must be done. Volunteers complete weekly, monthly, yearly, and special projects as the need arises, including:

  • Sanctuary clean-up
  • Bi-annual clean-up days
  • Interior/exterior painting projects
  • Weekly mowing/trimming
  • Spring/fall flower bed preparation
  • Snow removal

+ Children's & Family Ministry Team

The Children’s and Family Ministry Team meets throughout the year to plan opportunities for children and families to learn, play, and serve together. This team is one that helps with weekly tasks, but also creates a long-range plan and vision to help the ministry grow. Anyone who loves Jesus, children, and bringing all ages together is welcome to serve on this team. We need those who are task-oriented and dreamers.