Prayers of the week:

Please keep my kids in your prayers.

Safe travels for all.

Prayers of thanksgiving for my brother’s wedding last week. He is joined to a lovely Christian woman, and they put Christ in the middle of their relationship. God is good.

Thank God for all my blessings, “someone is praying me through!” We give thanks for Alyssa’s successful surgery and healing. Jennifer

I am thankful for St. Paul’s Lutheran Church and the people who take care of the church and the people who attend.

Prayers for my granddaughter. May she stay on the right path.

Lord, thank you for allowing me to experience the baptism of my wife. May you continue to walk with her and guide her in her new journey.

Thank you Lord for all volunteers. Thank you to Andrew for weeding and mulching the roses, and thanks to Joel for weeding and spraying. Gary.

Prayers for peace for my family and myself.

Prayers for all the VBS volunteers.

Pray for all trades workers.

Prayers for our Claire as she struggles through a divorce and custody issues. Giving thanks for Sheryl and Bill Koiles safe return from their vacation.

A prayer of thanksgiving for St. Paul’s warm and caring church family.

Safe travels.

As testimony to God, I can truly say God is great, and God is truly good and merciful for he helped my brother through a pretty scary time. He was hospitalized this past week with a twisted intestine. He is better today and anxious to go home to his family. God speed and God bless.