Prayers of the week:

Prayers for my son and daughter-in-law. Thank you for the gift of family.

Thank you for safe travels for our family this past week. Please be with all travelers as we approach vacation season.

Lord, thank you for blessing me with such a wonderful mother and for providing a wonderful women to be the mother of my children. God bless all moms.

Lord, please lay your healing hand upon my brother-in-law as he heals from a recent fall.

Lord, please help those dealing with addictions. To break the chains of addictions and find their way to you Lord.

Pray for my family as we mourn the loss of my sister, Sally. KB

Prayers for all those affected by the Colorado school shooting. May God provide comfort and peace to those who lost a loved one.

Pray for my son who is addicted to meth.

Pray for the graduating seniors.

Pray for my friend Carol.

Pray for Jenelles husband who is having a biopsy on Monday.

Dear Lord, a prayer today that my life turns around for the positive, for the good. A prayer that a good fit for a full-time job comes around very soon. It would be a blessing. Thank you. Amen.

Loss of a parent is so difficult. People have no idea until you are experiencing it firsthand. Every holiday, especially Mother’s Day is do hard. I cherished her, loved her and miss her. I was so blessed to have loving, inspirational, encouraging and wonderful parents!! Love and miss then. Nycole.

Please help the Dr. diagnose what is wrong. “Thinking I have a virus is getting kind of old!”

Thank you to Barb Saighman for the wonderful blanket you made for Adrian. It fits him to a tee and he absolutely loves it!

Prayers for safe travels for my husband as he travels for work and has to be away from his family.We give thanks for Tyler’s graduation from Doane.
Prayers for safe travels for Tyler in London!

Keep my grandchildren safe this summer.
A prayer of thanks for Carly Renken and all others who reach out to those with limitations. Lord, bless and guide all high school and college graduates.
Thank you to my son for watching over me as his dad travels out of town.

God, it’s me again. You answer my prayers to help my sister. She’s doing better although she still has a long way to go; but, she is improving. Now God there is a couple of co-workers I want you to show mercy to. Go with Deb, her granddaughter is fighting brain cancer; so, please go with Dienne, and there’s a co-manager at work whose parents are up in age and getting a little forgetful, be not in his home land with them; so, God please go with Mirsand and take care of his elderly parents. I believe in you God and that belief has gotten even stronger. God speed.

Prayers for my friend Donna L. that she will feel better soon. She has had a long battle with her back.